Simply gauge motion

Epionics SPINE objectifies and assesses motion dynamics and the function in the lumbar spine area as well as the movement pattern of a patient’s daily routine.

Other than established methods of the movement analysis, Epionics SPINE is suitable because of its light weight and portable deployment for recording the functional capacity in the area of the lumbar spine time- and spatially resolved over a long-term period of up to 24 hours during a patient’s routine daily life.
Epionics SPINE is an easily to operate, non-invasive, radiation- and side-effect-free tool. The system is CE-certified and its grading will be in line with the medical product law and EU-regulation 93/42/EEC stated as risk class IIa.

Europäische Union - Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung. Investition in Ihre Zukunft. Das diesem Bericht zugrunde liegende Vorhaben wurde mit Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wirtschaft des Landes Brandenburg und der EU gefördert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt der Veröffentlichung liegt beim Autor.

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