Sience based

During the development of Epionics SPINE, a lot of emphasis was focused on the involvement of independent and scientific partners. The herefrom obtained expertise and methodology contributed in a profound scientific validation of the procedure and data analysis.

The exactness, repeatability and objectivity of measurements with Epionics SPINE were examined and verified by independent research institutes. For a carried out comparison, probands were simultaneously measured with Epionics SPINE and the movement analysis system VICON, which is regarded as gold standard in the scientific movement segment.

Data analysis and visualization with Epionics SPINE are based on comparing the results with norm values. In a comprehensive study several hundred probands without back pain were measured with Epionics SPINE. With the help of scientific knowledge from this comprehensive database, the differences for the objective assessment of the functional capacity of the lumbar spine could be derived.

Europäische Union - Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung. Investition in Ihre Zukunft. Das diesem Bericht zugrunde liegende Vorhaben wurde mit Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wirtschaft des Landes Brandenburg und der EU gefördert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt der Veröffentlichung liegt beim Autor.

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